Host Club Responsibilities for Championship Races

1. The host club should work with Essex AA in the lead up to the race in ensuring those entered into the Essex championships have done so correctly and validly.

Where there is doubt on the eligibility of any particular runner's Essex qualification the host club will be directed by Essex AA to contact the individual to confirm the position. The Host Club should contact those individuals without delay to confirm their eligibility.

2. Unaffiliated runners are not eligible to enter the Essex Championship even if they qualify by birth or residence. The host club's entry form should make this clear to avoid unaffiliated runners entering the Essex Championships by mistake.

3. Runners affiliated to clubs outside of Essex are eligible to enter the Essex championship provided:

       - they qualify through birth or 9 months prior residence in Essex; and
       - they have not run in or represented another county championships in the same calendar year.

4. Runners into the Essex championship must be pre-entered into the race (entries on the day cannot count in the Essex championships).

5. Ideally pre-entries should close one week before race day allowing time for the host club to send through a final entry list to Essex AA for its records and use on the day. Cut-off dates nearer to the race day can be considered on a case by case basis.

6. To cover the cost of Essex medals etc the host club will pay to Essex AA either:


  1. a levy of £1 per runner entered into the Essex Championships (collected through the entry system); or
  2. a flat rate £200.

 The second option above has been introduced based on feedback received during 2009 & 2010 races where some clubs asked for a flat rate charge to avoid the need to collect and administer the £1 levy.

This money should be passed to the Essex AA representative on race day.

7. There is no requirement for the host club to "reserve" entries for runners wanting to enter the Essex championship. Entries should be treated no differently to the normal race entry.

8. In circumstances where the race entry limit is approaching Essex AA would like the host club to advertise this fact (through its website for example) so that all possible entrants have the opportunity to be aware that delaying their application could result in failure to get an entry.

Race Day

1. The host club should provide Essex AA an "Essex Championship only" result list as soon as possible to allow Essex AA to calculate and validate county medalists (i.e. excluding all non Essex Qualified runners)

2. Essex AA will present its medals after the Essex AA results are completed, normally after the race prizes are given.

3. A full set of results should be made available to Essex AA after the race.

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